Omniclass Table 13 Spaces by Function

Has anyone applied Table 13 to use against rooms for classification purposes?

If so, have you done it via Groups, or as a parameter on the RDS?

Neither option really appeals to me since both would require the user to select from a non-searchable long list (I am thinking of going to Level 2 of Table 13)

  • Tammy - you are referencing Omniclass Table 13 Space by Function table developed by CSI ( While most of the Space by Function classifications are only two levels there are many that go to 4 levels - for example Freight Elevator 13-23 11 11 23 and groups only let's you go to 1 level. As you pointed out, if the interested in only two levels, you would still need to develop a Group type for each level 1, for example table 13-31 Education and Training Spaces would then have 5 Groups (11 Breakout Space, 13 Lecture and Classroom Spaces, etc. And yes, they would need to be assigned to a room via the group association process. 

    What you are looking for is a Classification system similar to the functionality we have added to Items with the release of 1.10, but for Rooms. Is that right? 

  • Hi Tammy,

    Just an additional note to Brok's comment. Classification for rooms has been created and will be released in BETA later this year (too early to say when). But you will have the same possibilities as for Items where you can establish classification structures in addition to your function structure and classify rooms one by one (or do multiple select), or classify room templates and let the rooms inherit classification for the template they are connected to.

    If this is not an immediate need I would advise to wait until this functionality is released :)


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