Location of a chosen room in 2D view in the web module no longer shown!


Why is the option to see the location of a chosen room, i.e. the room is shown with a different colour on the layout, in a 2D view in the web module missing? This option was readily available few days or a week ago. 

Best regards,

Alma Pálsdóttir

  • Alma,

    Your permission may have changed and you no longer have access to the models viewer. Check with your project admin to confirm your permissions settings.

    You might be having an issue with your IFC configurations. Again an admin can check these settings.

    If the rooms show as unmatched (with a red X) they are no longer linked to the IFC and can't map the dRofus values to color based on the functions. If you see the Room match column settings you do have access to the model viewer.

    If the admin updates the configurations your colors could re-appear. You can find more details in our documentation here 

    Here is an example of IFC configuration wrong and why it looks like the rooms are clear.

    Example for when IFC matches and the configuration is right.

    Check you model settings and test your run match to ensure your rooms are mapped. 

    If you are still having an issue, submit a support ticket to our support team as it might be more specific your database or model. 

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