How can I validate if rooms in the Revit or Archicad model are linked to Rooms in dRofus?

One main thing dRofus is helping customers to do is to automate validation. A central part of this is being able to quickly validate what rooms in my Revit and/or ArchiCad models that are linked to rooms in dRofus and what rooms in model that are not, but how do I do that?

  • As a Revit/ArchiCAD user I can click on one room at a time and in the dRofus panel in Revit/ArchiCad I will see if the room is linked to dRofus, but this is time-consuming if I want to validate all rooms in my model at a time, the Link status is a great help!

    For Revit users, this is explained further here: Synchronize with Revit
    For ArchiCad users, this is explained further here: Linked ArchiCAD Zones Status

    With this method you can validate one model at a time, and recieve:

    1. a list of what rooms are linked successfully
    2. a list of rooms that are only in dRofus (or has a duplicate key value in dRofus and therefore not linked to model)
    3. a list of rooms that are only in model (or has a duplicate key value on more than one room in the model and therefore not linked to dRofus) - this is the list you are looking for! 

    To add information about what key values are on the rooms in the list (or any other information you might want to see in these lists), simply right click in the list you want to add columns to and choose "add/remove columns" and make sure that the information you need is listed to the right in the dialog box you get. More about the feature "add/remove columns" can be found here:Modify User Interface

    All these lists can be exported the lists to Excel if you want, just right click and choose "Export to Excel".

    Thats great you might say, but what if I don't have access to the model and want to see non linked rooms inside dRofus?

    Do not despair, this will be explained in an upcoming dRofus tips and trix, keep an eye out.

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