What are different ways I can share data with my team via search?

As a follow up to How can I get my team to see what I see?

How can I share filtered data with my team so that we are looking at the same rooms or items?

  • There can be an overwhelming feeling on where to start when it comes to sharing collaboratively with your team. There are so many ways to leverage search, let me show a few examples. 

    Benefits of using a search.

    1. It is available in rooms, room templates, items and system modules. It shows you what you want to see i.e. the search results . You can export the list directly to excel.
    2. Saving a search can save you and your team time in looking for the data you need. You can and share the search with your project team.
    3. Advanced search allows nested AND/OR operations allowing you to search through multiple attributes.

    Here is an example of finding rooms that have yet to be designed using search

    Using search in dRofus allows you to explore filtered data. See Advanced Search - dRofus Wiki - dRofus WIKI to explore this feature. For example, finding rooms with that have yet to be designed. 

    Share the Search

    This search can be saved and then Shared with the rest of the team. 

    Edit to create new

    Now anyone on the team can use this as a starting point to see which rooms have yet to be linked to the design, but did you know that you can then edit that search to create a new one?

    • To duplicate a search, first you will need to select select a Search in the Navigation Pane

    • then edit the Search

    • Make a copy 

    • Add more to the search filter and add value to the saved search

    • Now the saved search is available for your team to use

    Advanced shared searches can escalate your teams collaboration to see the same filtered list of rooms or items

    Here is another example for Items using Advance Search with items

    Using different panels and columns filters is a good start, but how would you see all the items that need to be modeled that also have occurrences planned?

    Here is what an advanced search filter looks like:

    Note that you can combine AND with OR searches. This will report all items marked to be modeled AND Net Quantity greater than zero OR Occurrences in Room or Template. 

    Examples of search uses are that may be helpful?

    1. Finding rooms where [Designed - Programmed % > 5%] - This is a quick one to filter down a list. 
    2. Identifying room that has not been signed off by department/zones
    3. Showing a list of items that is to be modelled but has not been linked to Revit/Archicad

    Put in the comments below any saved searches that you have setup that have added value to your teams workflows.

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