How do Revit and dRofus units work together?

If a Revit model is using one set of units and dRofus is using another, who wins?

  • In short, it depends on where your units are being defined. 

    For Room Area Measurement the room area units must match to provide a clear workflow of comparing program to design for validation. In dRofus the area program units are set in the admin settings either by setting the unit type on the dRofus admin page by editing the project OR via the Advanced Settings in the software here Edit Advanced Settings

    In the dRofus add-on you can see the units set in dRofus via the Revit Options section here Revit Options

    If dRofus Area unit is square meters, in Revit, the area units need to match to square meters. Setting Revit units can be found here Help: Set Project Units (

    For dRofus Data Fields like Room Data, Item Data or Occurrence data fields in the Dynamic GUI and setting the field type as number field, we offer options to define the data type being reported from dRofus. Go here to learn more about editing the Dynamic GUI Editing Forms

    Regarding who wins 

    Regarding area units - they must match. 

    Regarding the data reported, it depends on the Revit Attribute Configurations - the direction of the data is important.

    For example, if area units are set to SF in Revit and SM in dRofus and the design area is being reported from Revit into dRofus - the SF number will show in dRofus as it is reported from Revit. For example if Revit reports the area as 100 SF - the design area in dRofus will show 100. It does not get converted into square meters. 

    In another case, if the length dimension is defined in dRofus as feet for an item data field and that item is linked to a Revit family parameter set to meters. The data would again change depending on the direction of the data reporting from either Revit or dRofus. 

    If the units do not match - the reported data will not be correct. For example reporting length to weight will never report the correct value as we would not expect those units to work with each other. 

    If you do run into an issue pushing data between Revit and dRofus regarding units, simply submit a support ticket and we can help address that issue. 

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