Copying Items between database

What is the best way to copy items between active databases? We are looking to be able to transfer updated standard items between databases without having to copy all the parameters.

  • There are two methods - using the admin web system OR using excel

    Web admin system method

    There are three requirements in order to copy items between databases via the admin system

    1. You must have access to both databases as an admin. (Owner admin is not required)

    2. You must be willing to delete and copy all items

    3. No items can have occurrences in either templates OR rooms in the database you plan to overwrite. 

    It does sound very heavy handed, but this is to protect the occurrences from being edited by design. 

    Here are some details on this method  Copy Data - dRofus Wiki - dRofus WIKI 

    Using Excel method

    This workflow allows filtering to specific items that need to migrate. 

    1. Create an excel export in the database that has the items you need - include all data, item group (for location), item properties, item data - DO NOT include item number

    2. Confirm the database you are going to import to has the same item group structure, responsibility permissions and item data graphic GUI

    3. Import the items as new - you will not need item number because the new items will get their own new item number during the import. You would only include item number if you plan to do an update instead of an import. 

    Here are some details on excel exports  Excel exports - dRofus Wiki - dRofus WIKI and importing using excel Import and Update Items from MS-Excel - dRofus Wiki - dRofus WIKI 

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