Which Room Data GUI field types should I use?

I am setting up a new project room data graphic user interface settings and want to understand when I should use a single line edit vs a check box vs a drop down list. Any advice on what works best in different scenarios?

  • That's a great question! If you are a dRofus Administrator, you have the ability to edit the GUI (Graphic User Interface) in your database. There are GUI's for Room Data, Item Data, and Function Data. We're going to focus on Room Data since it's the most commonly customized but most of these best practices apply to all GUI types. Let's take a closer look at some of the different 'Field types' that are available.

    Single line edit is the most common field type. It's simply a free text field that can be used to define any number of qualities of the Room in question. The following example shows common requirements that most if not all rooms would want to be defined.

    Multi line edit will allow you to define how many lines are available to be filled with text as well as the width of the text box. In this example we are in the early stages of design where the engineer may simply want to convey a written description of HVAC services that will require significantly more than just a single line. 

    Checkbox field is a simple way to indicate a yes/no (boolean for you nerds out there) value for a requirement. In the example below with multiple check-boxes, any combination can be checked or unchecked.
    Check-box fields that have not been checked can be filtered out from being displayed in a report as well by using the Report setup option of 'Only fields with data'. This can really help with available real estate on your printed report. 

    Radio buttons / combo box can be configured in multiple different styles. All share the same core feature of providing a pre-defined list of values that you are allowed to select one of your choosing.
    Here's another early stage design example where we are not yet using dRofus Items as Finishes but we want to be a bit more constrained than just offering a free text field. 

    Some fields can be combined to create more options and provide benefits on the back end when it comes to running your Room Data Sheet report. The most common (and most helpful) is pairing a Checkbox field with a Single line edit. You can set the Single line edit field to be 'enabled by' the Checkbox to say "Yes I want that thing and I'm going to tell you more about it." 

    You will find that there a few additional Field Types available for you to leverage in your GUI customization. These are just the most common ones. Feel free to share your successes and challenges with us in the comments below!

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