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About this User Guide

This document provides an introduction to the utilization of dRofus: installation, central terminology and navigation. The reader is expected to be familiar with navigation and use of Windows programs and with the working process for which the program is to be used.

We recommend that all users of dRofus read through the entire document, or those parts which deal with the functionality the reader intends to use. We also recommend reading this guide at the same time as you have access to dRofus so that you can follow the explanations physically in the system and start trying out the different functions.

The document is divided into parts which correspond to the program's functionality modules. You should read the parts which deal with the modules you intend to use. The first part contains general information such as installation and tips. The subsequent parts describe the various modules as follows:

  1. General This part provides general tips on the use and installation of dRofus. Recommended for everyone.

  2. Room and functions This part describes central concepts such as Rooms, Room Data Sheets and Function Program.

  3. Items This part describes items in rooms, and also includes existing items and rule checking against the room data sheet (RDS).

  4. Features across all modules Joint functionality for the above-mentioned modules. Describes e.g. use of logs, reports and data export.

A separate users' guide has been compiled for the Procurement and Delivery modules: Procurement and Delivery. In addition, a users' guide has also been prepared for users with Administration rights in dRofus.

If you should find any errors in the document or any areas of documentation you feel are lacking, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About dRofus

dRofus is the leading planning and data management solution for the global building industry. dRofus enables all project stakeholders to create, manage and share the building lifecycle data they are responsible for centrally and collaboratively with the rest of the project team through dRofus cloud based SQL server database. dRofus therefore allows links to occur between information on room data, room function data, finishes data and Items data in one common database. dRofus is a program which is independent of project and sector, and can be utilized for all types of buildings, irrespective of the complexity. dRofus has been designed to allow major adaptations to an individual project, such that the program's functionality and appearance can vary from project to project. The program also adapts to the permission levels of individuals within a project, and will therefore vary in appearance for different users (for eg., an equipment consultant vs a room data sheet technician).

Because dRofus is a client-server based application where users work towards a central database server over the internet, several users can work on the same database at the same time, irrespective of geographical location, thereby providing a highly flexible choice of workplace for.

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