m2 vs SF, Revit vs dRofus

I have a team that needs to track area in SF.  I have set dRofus to SF in the database config and in the Options within the dRofus toolbar in Revit.  When I sync back to dRofus, dRofus is pulling m2 not SF.  The team has the model set in metric because all other measurements on the project need to be metric.  How can we get dRofus to track areas in SF?

This actually seems to be typical for some clients in Ontario, and Revit allows the area to be tagged in SF or m2 regardless of the project settings......

  • It sounds like the settings might have been modified after room design data was already updated in dRofus. Try to sync the rooms with the new settings to see if the numbers update. If the plugin settings are SF and in dRofus the project settings are in SF, the area will be in SF even if the Revit units are set to Metric. We use our own connection to Revit and do not use the Units tool in Revit. 

    Interesting fact - all units in the Revit database are in SF and the Units tool simply converts it in the Revit UI. 

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