How can I get my team to see what I see?

My team is large and remote. We can’t seem to setup all our layouts and columns to match to coordinate. Is there a way we can setup our layouts and columns to match?

  • Yes! As an admin, you can configure a shared layout (panels location and size) AND a default column list for all views. Let me show you how.

    If you are unfamiliar with panels, columns and saved layouts, check out this resource for reference - See Modify User Interface on our wiki.

    Starting with Panels - those are the windows of features that when selected on the right activate additional information in a dRofus project. It's important to explore and understand what each panel provides to better understand the given workflows that those using dRofus might use. For example, when I am working on reviewing planned furniture items in dRofus, I like to have a few panels available to me that are not active by default. I turn on Item Data, Images and I have logs and occurrences docked on the side for quick reference. Since I work with others on the same task, I have created a saved layout that they can use as well. All they need to do is pick the saved layout and they have the same panels open as I do. Note - only Admin users can make panels shared with other team members. Any user can create saved layouts, they are stored in the users profile - so there is no limit to the saved layouts any user might need. I create different layouts for when I working on a smaller screen vs when I am working on a larger screen.

    Defining Default Columns can be a large task, but well worth if you are responsible for a template database or a working with a large project team. An admin can define any set of columns to a default set in ANY panel that has columns. As you start to explore different places where the opportunity to define default columns, you will find different use cases and its important to coordinate with your team to determine what is the right mix. Start with the main ones, room list and item list and ask them team what columns do they often use. The question to ask is how they use search and filters - that will give you insight to which columns should be on by default. To set default columns, simply edit the column list and use the Save default button. If the user is not an admin, they only have Restore default as an option. So if you have set a default, you simply need to inform your team to select Restore to match. 

    It's really that simple. First setup the panels, save the layout and share it. Second, define the default columns and tell the team use restore default to match. 

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