See images or documents uploaded to dRofus from within Revit

Hi there, 

Can Revit and IFC(for Bexel Manager) hold images or documents that were uploaded from dRofus? 

E.g. I have sync the Revit room space with dRofus. I then uploaded a rendered image of how that room will be like(after double clicking the sync room and under images in dRofus). I have also uploaded a PDF document in dRofus(after double clicking the sync room and under document in dRofus

So going back to my question, how do i view the images and documents that were uploaded in dRofus in Revit?

P.S. I have attached an image of where i uploaded the Image and the Document

  • No, I don't know of a method for Revit to access the images or documents hosted in dRofus rooms. Through our add-in you can open the Room and see the images/documents in dRofus. 

    Using the dRofus panel, you can open the Room in dRofus and see the images and documents  See - dRofus Panel Rooms Action Icons - dRofus Wiki - dRofus WIKI 

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