Revit Plug-In: Items in rooms showing as 'not linked'

We are experiencing issues with the 'items in room' feature when using the Revit Plug-In with dRofus.

All of the Revit families we are using are generic models. All generic models in the Revit model are showing as linked.


However, when we try the 'items in room' function families are showing as 'not linked' and we are given the option to 'link type'. This option doesn't work as these families are already linked to the items in dRofus.


Is there something I am missing with the instance configurations that is preventing this feature from working correctly?

  • Hi Blathnaid! 

    When your in the "Items in room" if you click the "Options..." button at the bottom left you will see this window:

    Click the "Item Responsibility filter" and make sure to activate the responsibilities that is set for the items in dRofus. (if you havn't set a responsibility for the items I would strongly recommend you to do so). 

    I belive this should solve your issue?

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