Saved Excel export using Excel templates

Although you have several possibilities of searching, customize lists (adding/removing columns) and cross combining data in dRofus, there are often need to export data to Excel for further organization of information.

Many dRofus users have discovered the many Excel export options available from the ‘Reports and exports’ section, where you also can save your Excel export setups for the exports you conduct repeatedly.

What fewer users know is that you can combine your saved Excel exports with a predefined Excel template that you upload to dRofus, and export data to the template.

This will reveal endless opportunities in organizing information exactly how you want in Excel, and have dRofus populate your spreadsheets with data.

In the video below we have focused on one specific use case: To get an Excel export that gives me a total quantity of different types of items sorted by departments (not room by room). It explains the round-trip of producing an Excel from dRofus in the first place -> how to re-organize the data using a pivot table ->how to clean up the Excel and upload it as a template in dRofus.

The first part of the video shows how to export a regular equipment list to Excel - where I have included all necessary data fields to build a pivot table that I’m going to use to organize my data further.

When using the term "Template" it's important to mention that the Excel you use as template to export dRofus data, do not need to be saved as an Excel template file (.xltx), it can be a regular Excel file.

The video shows one of many possible use cases when using Excel templates in dRofus, so please feel free to explore the possibilities...

This video is also included in our vimeo site.

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