How to create occurrence parameters in dRofus linked to Revit

  • Go to Settings -> Dynamic GUI -> Item Occurrence Window

  • Create the parameter you need as you do it for the RDS field. All GUI RDS, items and occurrences work the same way. 

  • Go to Settings -> Item type filter

So you can select your field and make it appear in selected item groups. For instance : filter for doors only so the specific field shows only on doors occurrences.

  • Select the field you want to add :

Either by selecting the arrow or double click on the field to transfer it on the right column to make it show.

  • In the item module, select occurrences to see your field

  • To link those field to Revit, go to Configuration Attribute -> Revit Instances. 

  • If not already created in Revit, click on the "+" sign to create a new configuration dedicated for "doors" for instance.

  • Select all category this fied related to, or just click on "edit" the configuration " occurrences <-> Revit instances".

  • Select the field and link it to the corresponding field in Revit, select the way of synchronisation, from Revit to dRofus or dRofus to Revit by selecting one arrow or the other

  • To synchronize the instance parameters, go to "item in room", per room or per level/model, and click on " Synchronise occurrences".

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