dRofus Firewall Requirements

dRofus Client

Normal login

The dRofus client communicates with the dRofus database via TCP port 5432 and port 443 (HTTPS) for other services. In order to allow for such communication, these ports need to be open towards the database server.

For projects where dRofus' server is utilized, this means that any firewalls have to allow for outgoing TCP traffic on port 5432 (database traffic) and port 443 (HTTPS) (reports and file uploading) against <servername> (depending on which server is used)

Some clients/projects have their own dRofus servers, so traffic has to be permitted to the server specified by the user upon login. Traffic to the database server is channeled via SSL.

IP Address
db.drofus.com34.225.129.635432USA and South America
au.drofus.com54.79.1.1145432Australia, Asia, and New Zealand
uk.drofus.com18.133.177.1615432United Kingdom

Modern login

No need for opening any specific ports as regular HTTPS (443) is used.

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