The value you tried to insert has an ID (number/primary key) which already exists in the database. Please try using another ID.

If you are getting an error message that looks like this one:

It might be that you are trying to map a field in Revit to a field in dRofus that does not exist or the database is confused to which field you are trying to map to since the options are running into a conflict. 

In this example, zone_pkey is what the database refers to as a group - and in the Details: Group Example is the Group type and Example is the group. 

When we look at the database causing this error we find three ways that Example has been created. This is the source of the error. 

To resolve this error message, avoid duplicate options in various formats in Groups, Room Data fields (drop down menus), Item Data fields (drop down menus), or any other locations where a menu of options are available.

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