API Login

The API login is different than the username to login to a dRofus project.  If you are using excel or PowerBI via PowerQuery, take a note of this page and the full API documentation. 

The URL is also different when using the API as well. Go here to see a list of servers we support via the dRofus REST API documentation.


Currently we use basic authentication (username and password). Username is on the form <db-name>/[project-id/]user-name[/language], where: 

db-nameThe database-name as you would enter in dRofus Client
project-idId of project. Usually '01'. This is optional only if database only contains one project
user-nameThe name you log on with in dRofus client
languageThe language you want to see data in. Optional, and default is the language configured for the database

See examples of using the API:

Examples - Excel - dRofus Wiki - dRofus WIKI

Examples - PowerBI - dRofus Wiki - dRofus WIKI 

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