When generating an RDS Report for each Room as individual PDF files, how can I customize the filenames?

When generating an RDS Report for each Room as individual PDF files, how can I customize the filenames?

  • Most deliverable can have some pedantic requirements - for e.g., the use of an EDM (Electronic Document Management) tool to "house" + version-track the issued documents.

    In such circumstances, there will typically be an obligation to name the files of these documents in a specific manner.

    If you opt for "PDF Batch" as the Output format when generating multiple Rooms' RDS Report:

    ....... you will land up with a zipped folder containing each Room's RDS Report (as separate PDF files) within your computer's "Downloads" location.

    By default, the names of these files will be the Room Function #:

    If you would like your filenames to be specifically something else, you will need to carry out some edit to "Static choices" within the Advanced Settings for Reports.

    Let's say, in your project, you would like the filenames for each Room to comprise of the following 4 x Properties:

    1. Room Function #
    2. Room Number
    3. (Custom Core Property) 'Revision'
    4. (Custom Group Type) 'Model'

    You will need to carry out a "Save As", name your Report, so that a copy of it will then be available under "Project Reports": 

    You will then need to go to Settings > Settings > Reports (under Advanced settings), and then scroll down until you see + select your Saved As PDF Report, and then click on "Edit".

    You will then access the dialog where you can edit the "Static choices" for this PDF Report:

    It is here where the magic can be carried out.

    The following is the script for each one of the 4 x Properties we were looking at:




    1.Room Function #&batch-file-name-format={core/@room_func_no}&

    Room Number


    (Custom Core Property) Revision


    (Custom Group Type) Model


    Note the difference within the Script for (3.) Custom Core Property and (4.) Custom Group Type, where the customized Core Property and the customized Group Type are in single quotes ('), namely 'Revision' and 'Model' respectively.

    This means, if we are to combine / concatenate the above 4 x Properties (and let's say we'd like to separate each Property from another with a hyphen - ), the following Script will apply:


    This means we simply have to insert the above Script anywhere within the "Static choices" field and then click on "Ok" and then "Save" as follows:

    Next time you generate that Saved As PDF Report, the filenames within the zipped folder at your computer's "Downloads" location will be as desired: 

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  • Is there a way to Print (say) Grouped by 'Department'?
    ie. All a Department's Rooms are printed as one PDF?

    If there are 10 departments, then 10 PDFs would be produced.

  • There is a Room list grouped report available. If you wanted to have a single department per page, use the Room function filter to select the department you want.

  • Joel,

    Thanks for the quick reply!
    Is it a simple task of converting an 'old style' report to the the new style that exposes these new(er) options?

    We have to use a specific 'Room Data Sheet' report.

  • Konrads,

    I will have someone from our support team reach out to you to discuss this. More information is needed to provide an accurate response.



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