How can I see which rooms inside dRofus that are linked to a model, and which are not?

I am a project manager working in dRofus and I don't have access to the architect's native model (Revit or ArchiCAD), is there a way I can see which rooms in dRofus that are linked to rooms in model and which are not?

  • Yes you can. There are a couple of different ways to do this:

    1.  Tell the architect to synchronize rooms using "clear unmatched rooms in dRofus" making sure that the attribute configuration for rooms syncronizes designed area from model to dRofus.
      By syncronizing with the "clear unmatched rooms in dRofus" checked, all rooms in dRofus that are not linked to model will get a designed area with the value zero (0).

    2. Ask your dRofus BIM administrator to upload the architect's IFC-model(s) to dRofus web. See instructions here Connecting to the IFC Model.

      When this is done, go to the rooms module in dRofus web and click on "VIEWER" in the top right corner. When this is done you will get an icon next to all rooms in the room list that shows the linked status of each room. Green checkbox means the room is linked to the IFC-model, red cross means the room is not linked.

    These methods will however not show if there are any rooms that only exists in the model and not in dRofus. To be able to see this inside of dRofus, you can upload one IFC-model at a time locally on your own computer in the dRofus client and when this is done get a list of what rooms in dRofus that does not have a match in the IFC-model and another list of what rooms that exists in the IFC-model but does not have a match in dRofus. Read more about this method here:  Room module connected to IFC. This method only works if you have access to an updated IFC-model from the architect. 

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