IFC support in dRofus 2.2 ->

After 31st of December 2018, with effective version of 2.2 dRofus makes a change in it's IFC technology that will affect projects that previously used IFC support in the dRofus client.

Change is not always a bad thing and here we will explain how you get going with our new IFC solutions.

dRofus WEB

The Model Server functionality that allowed projects to share uploaded IFC files has been moved from the dRofus client to dRofus WEB. Which means that the current Model server functionality inside the client cannot be used after the end of year 2018. As we have replaced the IFC technology behind our IFC functionality, the models that were previously uploaded through the dRofus client will not be transferred to dRofus WEB - meaning, project needs to upload IFC files again in the WEB interface.

Access the web by using the following URL's;

dRofus server        
USA and South America

You can also access the Web version by using links from within the dRofus client. The below example is taken from the room list. The internal link will direct you to the correct server URL:

Learn more on how to upload your IFC files to the web here: https://wiki.drofus.com/display/DV/Uploading+a+model+to+the+IFC+web+server

See a tutorial video of how to upload and visualize IFC models here:

Note that you need read access to the model server to see the Viewer option. To be able to upload IFC files and edit IFC configuration you need both administration and full access to the model server.

dRofus Client

Long time users of our IFC functionality will find that there has been a extensive change in the functionality. The ability to upload multiple IFC files has been removed and the model server functionality has moved to dRofus WEB. However, you will find new and improved IFC functionality in the client in dRofus 2.2. Most notably is the new IFC configuration that allows you to link rooms, and Items on any property in dRofus and in IFC as well as a new flexible bi-directional synchronization between IFC objects and dRofus.

Learn more about how to connect to IFC her https://wiki.drofus.com/display/DV/Local+model, and how to set your IFC configuration here: https://wiki.drofus.com/display/DV/IFC+Configuration.

See a tutorial video of how to set up your own IFC configuration here:

Synchronize with IFC:

In conclusion

The IFC support in the client and in the web serves two different purposes. The dRofus WEB will be the place for multiple IFC upload, sharing, viewing and dRofus <-> model validation and collaboration through data and geometry, while the dRofus client will be the place for synchronizing data between dRofus and IFC. 

We know that dRofus 2.2 will be a change for our users. However we hope that our extensive work on our new IFC support during this year will provide our users a much more extensive, robust and user friendly IFC support.

Our ears are always open for feedback on how to improve our software. Please reach out to us via our support portal for your comments on our new IFC functionality.


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